Maria Schoina

Assistant Professor - Department of English Literature

Maria Schoina holds a BA, MA and PhD from Aristotle University. She received scholarships and awards for her PhD and post-doc research (Greek State Foundation, Research Committee of AUTH, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ESSE) which she conducted in the UK and Italy. She has presented several papers at international conferences and her publications appear in Romanticism, The Byron Journal, the Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies, European Romantic Review,The Wordsworth Circle etc. She is the author of Romantic 'Anglo-Italians': Configurations of Identity in Byron, the Shelleys, and the Pisan Circle (Routledge [formerly Ashgate], 2009) and co-editor (with Nic Panagopoulos) of The Place of Lord Byron in World History: Studies in his Life, Writings, and Influence (Edwin Mellen Press 2012). Her research interests focus on English Romantic poetry, Romantic Philhellenism, Anglo-Italian literary and cultural relations, the reception of classical texts in the Romantic period, the history of the book and digital humanities.For a detailed biographical note, please visit

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