The courses are offerred in 3 buildings:

The personnel's offices are on the 3rd floor of the new building of the School of Philosophy.


School Office

The School of English Office (room 308A) is located on the 3rd floor of the new building of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Administrative staff in this office is responsible for matters related to studentsí academic studies, such as course and examination timetables, the issuing of examination results, etc.

The School Office is open to students on weekdays between 11.00-13.00.

Information: tel. 2310 99 7479, fax: 2310 99 7432.

Karataglidou Eirini Administrative personnel 997393ekaratag@enl.auth.gr
Moustaklidou Dafni Administrative personnel 997402dtmousta@enl.auth.gr

The Registrarís Office

The Registrarís Office is responsible for matters related to student registration, academic progress reports, transcripts, annual course registration and so on.

It is located on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building and is open on weekdays between 12.00-13.00.

Information: tel. 2310 99 5183-85, fax: 2310 99 5168. 

Arvanitis Christos Administrative personnel 991354charvani@enl.auth.gr
Emmanouil Rania Administrative personnel emmanou@enl.auth.gr
Kapetanaki Efi Administrative personnel efkapet@enl.auth.gr
Natsi Evi Administrative personnel parnatsi@enl.auth.gr
Stergioula Evangelia Administrative personnel everstev@enl.auth.gr

The School Library

The library of the School of English is located on the 3rd floor of the New Building of the Faculty of Philosophy (room 308) and is open on weekdays.

The collection consists of 38,000 volumes, which cover English and American literature, the English language, linguistics, theatre, film, and translation studies.

It also provides access to bibliographic databases and a large number of academic journals through the internet. 

Information: tel. 2310 99 7459, e-mail: englibrary@enl.auth.gr,
website: www.enl.auth.gr/lib.

Skoularika Kleoniki Administrative personnel 997459skleonik@enl.auth.gr
Stavrou Fotini Special teaching fellow 997459fstavrou@enl.auth.gr

The Resource Centre

The Resource Center of the School of English is located in the new wing of the Faculty of Philosophy in the PC lab area, and it is open four days a week (see opening hours on the website of the School of English). The Resource Center aims to support studentsí Teaching Practice, which is compulsory for all students of the department, to help students improve their language skillsage and to provide material for conducting research in the field of language education.

Specifically, the Center has:

The above material is constantly being updated and is available to students of the department who can either borrow it or use it in the Resource Center.

Information: tel. 2310 99 7417. Directors: Marina Mattheoudakis and Thomai Alexiou.

The Language Development Laboratory

The Language Development Laboratory (room 308ń) aims to cover educational and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following areas:

Information: http://www.enl.auth.gr/langlab. Tel. 2310 99 7460. Director: Nikolaidou Aikaterini.

The Phonetics Laboratory


Research and teaching on the production, acoustics and perception of speech is carried out in the Phonetics Laboratory of the School (room 308ń). The Lab is equipped with several state-of-the-art experimental systems, including the KAY CSL system for the acoustic analysis of speech and electropalatography for the investigation of lingual articulation. The lab is used for the teaching and practice of students attending undergraduate and postgraduate courses in phonetics, as well as for research on normal and pathological speech. 

Information: http://www.enl.auth.gr/phonlab. Tel. 2310 99 7370.

Director: Nikolaidou Aikaterini.

The Technical Support Centre

The Technical Support Centre of the School of English (room 308ń) is used for the production of multi-media resources (CD Roms) for educational use. It is also used for:

Information: tel. 2310 99 7422. Contact person: Paschalis Anastasios.

The Computer Centre

A Computer Centre is available for use by undergraduate and postgraduate students of the School.

All computers are linked to the internet and equipped with software for word processing, statistical analysis and the display of data.

The Computer Centre is located in the new wing of the Faculty of Philosophy, 1st floor.

Information: ŰÁŽ. 2310 99 7417. Contact person: Paschalis Anastasios.

The Screening Room 


Room 417, on the 4th floor of the new building of the Philosophy Faculty, is fully equipped with audio-visual facilities for the viewing of videos, DVDs, and computer programmes related to the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Contact person: Papiopoulou Chrysoula.



The Computer Laboratory


The School of English has access to the Computer Laboratory, located in room 103, on the 1st floor of the new building, Faculty of Philosophy.

The Laboratory is equipped with up-to-date computers and software and has data projection facilities as well as fast links to the internet.

Contact person: Tsirantonakis Anastasios.


The Interpretation Laboratory


The interpretation laboratory is located in the base floor of the new building of the School of Philosophy.

It is equipped with up-to-date equipment for interpretation.

Director: Boklund-Lagopoulou Karin-Margarita