Faculty Announcements

Some announcements are available in Greek only.

Date: 23/2/2018  From: Jacobson Κristin
Course: G-LSUD3 Lit390 Introduction to the Research Paper
Title: Course syllabus and Tuesday’s readings
more here ...

Date: 23/2/2018  From: Groutka Paschalena
Course: G-LSUD4 ApLing473 Information Technology in ELT
Title: Class on Friday, 24/02/2018
If you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet access please bring it along today.

Date: 23/2/2018  From: Ristani Maria
Course: G-LSUD1 Lit1-120 Computer Literacy and Research Skills
Title: extended theory lesson
Dear all,

as already announced in class, we will have an extended theory lesson this Monday (26/2) in room 01 (New Wing)11:00-14:00

Date: 22/2/2018  From: Rapatzikou Tatiani
Title: Extra office hours

Date: 20/2/2018  From: Kalogeras Yiorgos
Course: G-LSUD2 AmLit271 American Literature and Culture: From Modern Times to the Present
Title: Texts not found in The Norton Anthology
There are four texts you will need to download and print for this class. You will find them on my webpage:

Date: 20/2/2018  From: Agathopoulou Eleni
Course: G-LSUD3 ApLing342 English for Specific Purposes
Title: Book Distribution - deadline
Room 305 during my office hours, from tomorrow until the end of March.

Date: 20/2/2018  From: Agathopoulou Eleni
Course: G-LSUD2 ApLing225 Second Language Acquisition
Title: Book Distribution - deadline
Office 305 during my office hours, from tomorrow until the end of March.

Date: 13/2/2018  From: Theodosiadou Youli
Course: G-LSUD3 AmLit340 Introduction to the Literature of the American South
Title: Αναβολή μαθήματος
Το μάθημα Λογ7-340: Εισαγωγή στη Λογοτεχνία του Αμερικανικού Νότου δεν θα πραγματοποιηθεί την Τετάρτη στις 14/2 λόγω ασθενείας της διδάσκουσας. Θα ξεκινήσει κανονικά στις 21/2.

Date: 10/2/2018  From: Schoina Maria
Title: Sabbatical