Department of English Literature and Culture

The Department of English Literature and Culture offers opportunities for study at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate level. Its undergraduate programme is incorporated in the requirements for the Bachelorís Degree of the School of English. Its postgraduate programme, which is organized and taught in conjunction with the Department of American Literature and Culture,  includes a series of taught courses and advanced research fields, which lead to the degrees of Master of Arts in English Literature and Doctor of Philosophy respectively. In both programmes, the Department aims to help students develop their critical capacities through the study of English literature and culture from the medieval to the contemporary period. It considers as central to its mission the training of professionals (teachers, writers and editors) capable of functioning effectively within a broad range of cultural and discourse communities. To this end it aims to enrich teaching, writing and cultural life in Greece and to promote life-long learning by sponsoring presentations, publications and conferences, as well as partnerships and collaborations with other universities in Greece and abroad (such as the collaboration with the European Consortium for Humanities Institutes and Centres (ECHIC)). Moreover, the Department is currently participating in the Gender and Equality Committee of the Faculty of Philosophy. The Department of English Literature and Culture is also committed to promoting faculty development in research and publication as well as other activities for the advancement of knowledge and creativity. As part of this effort it publishes (in collaboration with The Department of American Literature and Culture) the academic journal Gramma and co-organizes the Problematics of Culture and Theory Seminar Series.

The Undergraduate Programme in English Literature

The undergraduate programme of the Department of English Literature and Culture consists of a number of required and elective courses, which combined with courses from other Departments in the School of English lead to the Bachelorís Degree in English Language and Philology. (The specific requirements are spelled out in the Undergraduate Student Guide.) The elective courses offered are wide-ranging, so that the student may choose according to his/her interest in individual authors, themes or historical periods. Although emphasis is placed on British literature, authors of the British Commonwealth and countries of the former British empire are also included. Essential to this mission is training in critical thought, as well as the ability to connect literary and cultural texts both to the contexts in which they were produced and to the present world of the reader. The Departmentís undergraduate programme includes the fostering of technological literacy in areas such as information retrieval, the ethical use of internet scholarship and sophisticated electronic communication.

On successful completion of the required and elective undergraduate courses in English literature, students will have: