G-LSUD4 EnLit436 Modernism and the English Novel

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This module introduces students to the narrative strategies with the help of which modernist novels undermine the ideas of writing and reading as established by classical Realism. Focusing on novels by Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Jean Rhys, the module raises questions, in particular, about the politics of modernist experimentation. To that end, it engages with critiques and defenses of modernismís ideological positions by reading closely theoretical texts by Woolf, Georg Lukacs and Bertolt Brecht. Expected learning outcomes: By the end of the module students are expected to have read and thought about ēthe epistemological question at the heart of Modernism (how texts represent the world) ēthe ideological significance of its textual experimentations, especially modernist fictionís relationship with the early twentieth-century discourses of imperialism, gender and race ēthe limits of the modernist canon and the changing character of modernismís own literary identity Recommended Bibliography: Items listed on the Module Outline Distribution of Module Outline? YES Distribution of textbook: YES Distribution of related bibliography: NO Method of assessment: Evaluation is by presentation, essay and final exam (optional), or by final exam only.


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

Winter Tuesday16:00 18:30417 Yiannopoulou Effie

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