G-LSUD3 EnLit341E Topics in English Literature II: Multicultural Britain

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This module will examine the many faces of multicultural Britain as these have taken shape in the postwar years following the collapse of the British colonial empire in the middle of the twentieth century and the waves of migration from its former colonies that followed. The focus will be primarily on Black British and British Asian writings and cultural production and will invite students to consider a range of issues that are pressing in Britain’s multiracial and multi-religious communities today such as national identity and belonging (especially the idea of Englishness), cultural difference, (im)migration, diaspora, race relations and racism, art and (self-) representation, the emergence of political Islam, history, memory and the past. We will engage with a variety of literary, theoretical, cultural and visual texts that will include novels, short stories, poems, films, music, television programmes and art.


The aim of this module is to encourage students:

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By the end of the module, students are expected:


Assessment is by final exam. Alternatively, students can do the final exam (50%) and a project that will be decided in consultation with the tutor (50%). This will also involve an in-class presentation.


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

The course is not currently offerred.

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