G-LSUD2 ThLing321 Morphology

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In this course I present Morphology from the standpoint of current, mainstream linguistic theory. My main concern is to provide students with the appropriate comprehensive introduction to the nature of word structure, the basic concepts of word-formation processes and the ways in which word-formation interacts with phonology, syntax and the lexicon. Initially, basic concepts such as morpheme, morph formative, allomorph, are thoroughly analyzed. Moreover, at this stage the categorical, semantic and distributional force of the affix are exposed together with the major morphological processes, such as compounding and derivation. Further. The issues of productivity and lexicalization are pedantically discussed. Finally, word-formation rules and their order as well as the notion of Argument Structure in Morphology are extensively presented and commented. Examples and data are drawn from English, Greek and a variety of Non-IE# languages. Assessment: (a) Final Exam, or (b) Original research presentation paper, presented and discussed in the classroom. 150-200 words Τhe description should mention further to the overall objective of the course (a) any prerequisites (as long as the course is not introductory) and (b) the learning outcomes and competences (preferably in bullet format).


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

The course is not currently offerred.