G-LSUD1 Lang102 Language Mastery IΙ

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The aim of this course is to build on the skills and strategies acquired in Language Mastery I. Using their skills of critical thinking and analysis, participants will be required to investigate the techniques used in advertising and other forms of discourse to persuade an audience. Structure, lexis and stylistic features will be looked at, as appropriate, through the examination of texts and by means of analysis and production of spoken and written discourse. Summary writing and argumentative essay-writing will both be practised in class and at home. The main goal of the course is to help students become fully-independent learners of the English language.
Learning outcomes:
By the end of the course students should be able to:

Corpus is available.

Assessment: Grades will be awarded on the basis of a system of continuous assessment and a final exam. In particular:

  1. 60% of the final total will be awarded for the final compulsory 2½ written exam in which participants are expected to demonstrate their ability to produce one or more pieces of effective expository writing, inc. argumentative essay-writing, summary writing and advertisement analysis.
  2. 20% for a series of home-written and in-class assignments.
  3. 20% for oral performance. This will be based on in-class participation and presentations (group project presentation, a poster presentation, class discussions/debates, etc., as determined by the instructor).


Teaching hours: 4 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

Spring aWednesday16:00 18:00112 old building Felekidou Despina
Spring aFriday09:00 11:00112 old building Felekidou Despina
Spring bMonday09:00 11:00417 Xargia Maria
Spring bThursday11:00 13:00112 old building Xargia Maria
Spring cMonday13:30 15:3001 new wing Groutka Paschalena
Spring cWednesday11:00 13:0001 new wing Groutka Paschalena
Spring dTuesday09:00 11:00112 old building Bardzokas Valandis
Spring dFriday16:00 18:00112 old building Bardzokas Valandis
Spring eTuesday11:00 13:00112 old building Bardzokas Valandis
Spring eFriday18:00 20:00112 old building Bardzokas Valandis
Spring fMonday09:00 11:00112 old building Groutka Paschalena
Spring fWednesday09:00 11:0001 new wing Groutka Paschalena

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