Ling2-590 Morphological Theory

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The course will deal with the most recent theoretical developments in Morphology within the Generative Grammar framework. It will start with a survey of models of morphology and competing views with regard to the place of morphology in linguistic theory. In particular, it will give an overview of the current morphological issues and debates, such as interfaces between morphology and phonology or morphology and syntax, semantics, etc. The issue of morphology and psycholinguistics, e.g. to what extent the morphological structure of a word plays a role in its perception and production will also be included in the course. Finally, the relation between inflection and word formation as well as compounding, cliticization and bracketing paradoxes will thoroughly be investigated. The course does not necessarily presuppose prior knowledge of Morphology. However, it is advisable that students attend the undergraduate course EL2-220 Introduction to Morphology. Assessment: Research paper and/or in-class presentations.


Teaching hours: 3 | ECTS: 10

The course is not currently offerred.