Ling2-541 Pragmatics

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The purpose of the course is to explore the way language is 'used' rather than examine its components. The focus will be on how we, as language-users, understand what other language-users mean, sometimes despite what they say, and how we make sense of what we read in texts. In other words, the focus will be on language interpretation within its social setting or on explicitating what is often well understood but implicit in language use. Pragmatic phenomena will be identified and their development in current theories will be explored: Types of presupposition and implicature, logic of conversation, language as action are some of the topics of the course. The course is of immediate relevance to language teaching, as it extends to an appreciation of language use beyond the sentence, but also to many other disciplines as it deals with language in its textual, social and psychological context.


Teaching hours: 3 | ECTS: 10

The course is not currently offerred.