Elisabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou

Associate Professor - Department of Theoretical & Applied Linguistics

Elizabeth Mela-Athanasopoulou is an Assistant Professor in Linguistics, at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics of the School of English, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She holds an MA  Linguistics, titled Syntactic Groups in English, University of California, Davis, USA, and a PhD Linguistics, Bracketing Paradoxes in English and Greek, Aristotle University. She teaches and researches in Linguistics, with a particular interest in Morphology, Phonology, Historical Linguistics, History of the English Language, as well as Translation studies (Semantic and Communicative Translation). In the past, she used to teach Latin and Ancient Greek at the Classics Department, Aristotle University. Presently, her main interests are centered in Linguistic Morphology, Inflectional Morphology and Language Documentation and Description. She has written two books on Morphology and one on Language Documentation. She has also written Teaching Manuals for the relevant courses she teaches.

During her Academic career at Aristotle University, Prof. Mela has attended numerous International and World Conferences abroad, in Europe, the USA and Australia, always with a presentation paper, published with the Selected Papers volume.

Among her recent publications are:

The Gender of the English Derived Nominal and the Modern Greek Counterpart. A Morphological Approach. In the Selected Papers of the 7th International Conference on Greek Research, Modern Greek Department, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. 21 June – 4 July 2007. Edited by Elizabeth Close et al., Flinders University, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA 2009, pp 293-308

Conversion: A typological and functional analysis of the morphophonological structure of zero-derivation in English word formation. Selected papers of the 18th International Symposium on Theoretical & Applied Linguistics. Edited by Anastasios Tsangalidis. Thessaloniki, 2009. Pp. 273-280.

Documenting the Kalasha language: Some Challenges and Solutions. In the 1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) University of Hawaii, Honolulu. March 2009 Published at http://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/5005 Hawaii, USA

The Function of Semantically Motivated Suffixes in Gender Inversion of Modern Greek Derivatives. In the Selected papers of the 19th International Symposium on Theoretical & Applied Linguistics. Edited by Anastasios Tsangalidis. Thessaloniki, 2011, pp 337-343.

Adjectival Participles: a morphological approach. Evidence from Modern Greek. In the Selected papers of the 20th International Symposium on Theoretical & Applied Linguistics. Edited by N. Lavidas. Thessaloniki, 2011, (in press).

A morphophonological description of Kalasha as an Indo-Aryan language with Greek roots. US-China Foreign Language Journal, David Publishing Co, Chicago, Ill., USA 2011 (at the publishers).

TEACHING (AC. YEAR 2017-2018)
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Winter G-LSUD2 ThLing321 Morphology Tuesday 13:30 16:00 107
Winter G-LSUD3 ThLing388 Inflectional Morphology Thursday 16:00 18:30 104
Spring G-LSUD2 ThLing321 Morphology Tuesday 11:00 13:30 107
Spring G-LSUD3 ThLing389 Issues in Language Documentation and Description Thursday 16:00 18:30 107
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