G-LSUD3 ApLing327 Strategies of Language Learning and Communication

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The course is concerned with the special thoughts and/or behaviours that individuals use to help them comprehend, learn, and retain new information (‘learning strategies’), as well as interact with other individuals (‘communication strategies’). It describes the role that learning strategies, specifically language learning strategies, play in the process of second language acquisition. In particular, it examines various techniques, approaches, or deliberate actions that learners utilize as they attempt to respond to a learning or communicative need, as well as some universal language processing strategies which facilitate the learners’ linguistic processing of information. Furthermore, it aims at raising student-teachers’ awareness of these special ways of processing information which, under the teachers’ instruction, could encourage and assist learners to become more effective and independent second language learners. Prerequisites: Ling3-326 learning outcomes and competences By the end of the course participants should: •become familiar with relevant terminology •be able to identify the function of the most frequently used second language learning strategies •learn how to train learners in the use of language learning strategies during instruction Recommended reading: Is there a course textbook? YES Is there a list of readings? YES Assessment methods: Final exam and optional classroom presentations and/or short assignments.


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

The course is not currently offerred.

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