G-LSUD6 TheRes489 Theatre Workshop

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Lit6-489 Theatre Workshop: Drama in Education

This year, the Theatre Workshop will train students in the active and experiential methodology of Drama in Education. Aiming to cover subjects that graduates of the School of English will be called to teach it will focus on both EFL and Literature, which is a subject for English teachers all over the world. In addition, the workshop will also deal with drama in relation to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills.

Students interested in enrolling should bear in mind that class attendance in the workshop is mandatory and they cannot miss more than two classes. This will be a highly participatory workshop, in which they will be actively engaged in every class. During the final weeks the students in groups will devise and implement their own lesson plans to their co-students (microteaching).

The course will be assessed as follows:

Participation: 20%

Microteaching: 30%

Written report on the lesson plan and microteaching: 50%

How to enroll: Since only a limited number of students can enroll for this course, priority will be given to those who have completed their Teaching Practice, or to those who are currently undertaking it.

Students who wish to take the class should send an email with a doc file that contains the following:

Name, student sumber, semester, and a short statement (150words) of why you think that this course will benefit you. Please state also your status of Teaching Practice as such:

1. Teaching Practice: Completed (also state when)

2. Teaching Practice: Spring Semester 2017

3. Teaching Practice: Next year

Please send the email to the course instructor, Despina Kalaitzidou (deskalai@enl.auth.gr), by February 12.



Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

The course is not currently offerred.