G-LSUD3 PraTIS 311 Literary Translation

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This course aims to acquaint students to the translation of literary texts. A number of graded texts (prose, drama, poetry) will be analysed, discussed and translated in what is hoped to be a fruitful discussion over the appropriate rendering of a literary source-text into a target-language. Students will present their translations and will be encouraged to discuss problems encountered in the course of translation (e.g. text analysis, register, language usage, as well as cultural aspects of translation) and justify the choices made. The course will also involve discussion of the most influential contemporary translation theorists and their approach to the various problems, debates and challenges in the field of literary translation.
By the end of the course students are expected:
To demonstrate knowledge of concerns and debates in literary translation.
To be acquainted with practical issues of literary translation.
To consider possible strategies for the solution of problems and apply relevant skills.
To develop their own personal translation skills.
To conduct fruitful research.
Assessment: Translation projects and final exam.


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

Winter Thursday11:00 13:3001 new wing Misiou Vasiliki
Spring Monday16:00 18:30112 old building VALKANOU THEODORA