G-LSUD3 ApLing370 Teaching Aids

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The aim of this course is to show prospective teachers of English as a Foreign Language how they may select and integrate various teaching aids in language teaching. The course will examine how a wide range of teaching aids, ranging from the board and the overhead projector to video and the internet, can facilitate teaching and enhance learning, making them both more effective, motivating and enjoyable. Teaching is divided into two parts: a two-hour-long lecture during which practical ideas and tips are discussed by the instructor. And a one-hour-long seminar, conducted with small groups of students, during which they, individually or in teams, can present projects demonstrating how they can supplement course books with various teaching aids. Recommended reading: Is there a course textbook? No. Is there a list of readings? Yes. Assessment methods: Assessment is based on a final written exam. 30% of the final grade may come from the projects presented in class.


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

Winter Friday11:00 12:30112 old building Groutka Paschalena
Winter aFriday10:00 11:00112 old building Groutka Paschalena
Winter bFriday12:30 13:30112 old building Groutka Paschalena