G-LSUD3 IntroTIS 380 Introduction to Cultural Studies

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This course requires will introduce students to key concepts in cultural studies. We will begin by briefly looking at classic texts in cultural studies Kant, Marx, Freud and then move on to the establishment of cultural studies as a discipline, looking at texts from the Frankfurt School, the Birmingham School, Raymond Williams, Clifford Geertz and others. The rest of the course will chart the areas modern Cultural Studies are covering, looking at topics such as (new) media, consumption cultures, cyborgs, post-modernism, gender studies, etc. Learning outcomes: 1.students will learn to differentiate key concepts of cultural analysis and familiarize themselves with its various research methodologies; 2.the introduction to cultural analysis will inform the students understanding of cultural phenomena. S/he will learn to take a critical approach to the cultural sphere. 3.the student will be able to write about, read and discuss coherently and concisely cultural theory; 4.s/he will develop familiarity with library research methods and index systems through generating a representative bibliography of sources for her/his research topic. Assessment: One research essay (about 6,000 words).


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

Winter Tuesday18:00 21:00107 Kontos Nicholas

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