G-LSUD2 ThLing496E Phonology-Morphology Interface

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In this course, students will be able to apply basic principles of phonology and morphology in order to get acquainted with the phonology-morphology interface in English and elsewhere. A broad range of phenomena will be discussed. A non-exhaustive list includes: reduplication for the formation of various grammatical categories, phonologically-conditioned allomorphy, stress and the importance of morphological factors to its placement and nickname formation through truncation. Βy the completion of the course, students will have acquired the following competencies: (a) familiarity with the interaction phonology and morphology display, (b) exposure to and awareness of diverse morphophonological data, (c) enrichment of their knowledge of English regarding phenomena such as stress and truncation, (d) development of problem-solving skills.

Βιβλιογραφία / Bibliography


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Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

The course is not currently offerred.