G-LSUD4 LingSp410 Comparative Syntax and Translation

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This is an advanced linguistics course, which presupposes knowledge of both Greek and English. The study of translation is restricted to the close study of specific grammatical properties of the two languages and the identification of translation equivalents in grammatical terms. At the theoretical level, a number of questions are raised depending on different versions of cross-linguistic comparability (contrasting recent views of typology, universals and parameterization). Descriptive questions will include specific morpho-syntactic features and phenomena, such as the notion subject in English and Greek; word order differences; finite and non-finite forms; tense and aspect; mood and modality; the passive and related constructions; main and subordinate clause types. Students will be required to work with published papers on particular areas of the description and comparison of English and Greek and will be assessed through both theoretical questions and actual translations. The number of assignments and the exact type of assessment will depend on class size.

This class is NOT available to students who have already passed Ling2-410 (Comparative Syntax).


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

Winter Thursday16:00 18:30112 old building Tsangalidis Anastasios