G-LSUD2 AmLit247 American Literature and Culture: the 19th century

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Required elective


The aim of the course is to introduce students to the historical, socio-political and cultural context in which the 19th century United States transformed itself from an agricultural nation to an industrial giant. The course focuses upon selected works by major American writers like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Ambrose Bierce, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Jack London.  This course will: •Offer a comprehensive view of the American society of the time; the various socio-political, economic, and cultural transformations that led to the emergence and development of these movements •Offer basic knowledge of the main principles and key concepts of each literary movement and of their differences in perspective •Offer good understanding of the influence of Emerson and Thoreau on the American mindset •Develop the students’ reading skills as well as their critical capacity through in-depth analyses of the texts of various writers which have contributed to the formation of an American literary tradition •Encourage students to use an array of bibliographical and digital resources for the purpose of in-class presentations Course textbook and outline / list of readings are available. Assessment: Final examination.


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

The course is not currently offerred.

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