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The course is a study of the main works of Chaucer in relation to the social environment in which he worked and the medieval literary genres he drew upon. Readings will include two early dream visions (The Book of the Duchess and The Parliament of Fowls), Troilus and Criseyde, selections from The Canterbury Tales, and some of the shorter lyrics. The textbook for the course is The Riverside Chaucer. Translations of the Canterbury Tales may be used as a supplement to the original text; however, in class and for exams we use the original Middle English text. It is desirable, though not absolutely necessary, for students to have passed Lit 6-240 Medieval Literature before attempting this course. Expected learning outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students should: be familiar with the main works of the Chaucer canon and the most important critical approaches to them be able to read and understand Chaucerian texts in the original Middle English with the help of marginal glosses and footnotes and comment intelligently on their form and content be acquainted with the basic critical literature on some aspect of Chaucers work be able to present and discuss critical opinions in a brief researched essay. Recommended reading: given in the Course Outline Distribution of Course Outline with thematic units and exam material? YES Distribution of textbook: The Riverside Chaucer Related bibliography: available on Reserve in the library Assessment methods:A brief critical essay with bibliography and a written final examination


Teaching hours: 3 | Credits: 3 | ECTS: 6

The course is not currently offerred.

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