Breathe in Experience, Breathe out Poetry

This social group was created in February 2012 and initially involved students enrolled in the Poetry Workshop class taught by Prof. Katerina Kitsi-Mitakou (Lit5-125, Group B). It functioned as a forum for posting short poetry assignments, sharing ideas/videos/poems outside the classroom, and communicating with each other on a 24/7 basis. It motivated a Poetry Night (May 24, 2012), in which students presented translated, adapted, and set-to-music poetry, as well as samples of their own poems. In June 2012, our closed-group Facebook page was awarded the 'Seal of Good Practice' for its innovative use of online tools by The University Research Institute of Applied Communication of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens. Since then, the group has opened to anyone who reads, writes, enjoys poetry, and is interested in participating in the events we organize. The group joined the world-wide project ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’, and on September 27, 2012 created a poetry event with readings, happenings, live music, etc. ( On March 8, 2013, it organized 'Hard Times, Athena!', a creative protest against Athena I plan, ( 

Videos from the ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’ event

1. 100,000 Poets for change!
2. "The Alphabet of Change", Bald Theatre
3. Warming up smiles, Bald Theatre
4. Happenings with the Balders
5. Dancing with the Balders
6. Beckett, "What is the Word", Bald Theatre

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