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More suggestions on various subject areas relevant to the School of English studies, such as Linguistics, Translation, Cultural Studies, Education, Poetry, Film, Theatre et al., will follow.


Book Bazaar in the School of English Library, 12-16 December 2016. (Books for free)
You can also share and exchange books among you, by offering books that you no longer need, to the Library Book Bazaar.


Book Bazaar in the School of English Library, 17-21 October 2016. (Books for free)


We would like to inform you that approximately 300 titles of ebooks from Wiley Online Library collection are now accessible from both AUTh Online Catalogue and Library Search Engine. In order to inform our library users, we have created a list of titles by subject. The list covers the following subject categories: Education, Development Studies, Communication and Media Studies, Literature, Language & Linguistics, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy.

Wiley Online Library eBooks- School of English Studies Relevant Subjects


"Kallipos" Repository (Hellenic Academic Electronic (Text)books)

The "Kallipos" Repository is a website that collects books, learning aids and objects produced within the framework of the project "Hellenic Academic Electronic (Text)books”. The repository aims at the systematic recording, organization and long-term preservation of the (text)books and the learning objects of the academic community.


We would like to inform you that we have access, through HEAL-Link, to the full text of more than 3900 titles of electronic books published in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Wiley (Wiley Online Books Collection). The above titles cannot be accessed yet, neither by the catalogue nor by AUTh search engine. In order to inform the library users, we have created a list of 210 titles covering the following subjects: literature, language & linguistics, cultural studies, history, philosophy. Our intention is to catalogue these books as soon as possible to better serve our users.


We would like to inform you the AUTh Library offers access to 247 ebooks published by De Gruyter, covering subject areas such as literature, language and linguistics. De Gruyter also provides open access to more than 1300 ebooks. The purchase cost for these books has kindly been covered by the German Embassy in Greece in collaboration with the library of German Language and Literature. You can access both purchased and open access ebooks via De Gruyter site or you can access the 247 purchased titles via AUTh Online Catalogue, searching in "Articles, Journals" tab.


We would like to inform you that you can now view on reserve bibliographies for the spring semester 2016 via AUTh Online Catalogue.From the home page of the Catalogue choose the link "Course Reserves" or follow the link http://search.lib.auth.gr/Search/Reserves.


We would like to inform you that access to Project Muse is restored. Access is also restored to all publishers of electronic journals for which the Academic Institutions of Greece have subscriptions through Hellenic Academic Libraries Network ( HEAL-Link ).

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