Volume 2 Contents

Εισαγωγικό Σημείωμα / Editor's Note
Savas Patsalidis and Elizabeth Sakellaridou

Cowboys as Theatrical Props and Dramatic Devices: Sam Shepard's Cowboys #2 and Geography of a Horse Dreamer
Konstantinos Blatanis

Η στάση της πολιτείας προς το Ελληνικό Θέατρο την περίοδο 1833-1851
Κωνστάντζα Γεωργακάκη

Mercy Otis Warren: Her Political Self and Her Personal Dilemma
Zoe Detsi

"Alice Doesn't": Refusing the Seduction of the Narrative in Caryl Churchill's Vinegar Tom
Panayotis Domvros

Authorship, Textuality and Intertextual Perspectives in the Theatre: The Case of Shakespeare
Marο Germanou

Body, Space and Sign
Svend Erik Larsen

The Reception of Samuel Beckett in Japan Seen Through Betsuyaku's Play Umi Yukaba Mizuku Kabane
Junko Matoba

The Power of Theatrical Discourse in a Belgian Production of The Glass Menagerie
Marc Maufort

Pinter's Politics of Violence
Ewald Mengel

The Idea of Mediation in Handke's Kaspar
Savas Patsalidis

A Sisterhood of Women: Marsha Norman's Getting Out and The Laundromat
Margarete Rubik

Columbus el Filibustero: John Brougham's Mirror of Discovery
Pat M. Ryan

Audience Control, British Political Theatre and the Pinter Method
Elizabeth Sakellaridou

Modernist Drama / Postmodernist Performance: The Case of Samuel Beckett
Olga Taxidou

Reception of African American Theatre in the USSR
Natalya Vyssotskaya

Censoring Eugene O'Neill
Steve Wilmer

Woman As Citizen in Satiric Melodrama: Joan Holden and the San Francisco Mime Troupe
Donna Jean Zäne