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Αpplications are invited for PhD studentships in speech science at Newcastle University. We welcome applicants who are interested in all aspects of speech perception, production and learning. Note that eligibility for these awards has now been extended to international students. Studentships, to start in October 2021, will be awarded via open competition for two doctoral training partnerships:

Please contact Ghada Khattab, Jalal Al-Tamimi, Rory Turnbull, or Laurence White if you are interested in their broad research areas, as follows.

Ghada Khattab PhD supervision interests: Monolingual and bilingual phonological acquisition, accent/dialect acquisition, L2 phonology, and bilingualism and cognition
For more details, see:

Jalal Al-Tamimi PhD supervision interests: L1/L2 phonology, speech production and perception, laboratory phonology, speech classification and recognition
For more details, see:

Rory Turnbull PhD supervision interests: Contextual predictability in perception and production, laboratory phonology, complex network models of the lexicon, phonetic reduction
For more details, see:

Laurence White PhD supervision interests: Prosody in speech perception and production, first and second language acquisition, developmental and acquired language disorders
For more details, see:


IPA Student Awards 2020-2021
The International Phonetic Association is offering IPA Student Awards to student members of the Association presenting or attending conferences (virtual or physical) during the academic year 2020-2021. Student members of the Association attending international conferences/symposia/workshops on the phonetic sciences are eligible to apply. Proof of student status needs to be submitted with the application.

Awards will cover the student registration fees up to a maximum of 200 Euros per award. For conferences taking place in Autumn 2020, the early bird or standard fees will be funded; for events in 2021, the early bird registration fees will be covered. The IPA aims to support as many students as possible within the budget allocated for Student Awards. Priority will be given to students presenting their research at conferences; for students participating at conferences as auditors, awards will be made on a first come, first served basis. Applications for IPA membership can be lodged via our website at:

This same web-page gives a full list of member benefits. To apply for an Award, eligible members of the IPA should send to the Secretary (Gerry Docherty, and to the Chair of the Conference Sponsorships and Student Awards Committee (Katerina Nicolaidis, an email that states their name, current academic affiliation, proof of student status, and the name and email address of an academic supervisor. For students presenting their research, the email should be accompanied by the abstract that has been accepted for presentation. The registration fees will be reimbursed after the completion of the event and upon receipt of confirmation of participation at the conference.


Caroline Féry, University of Frankfurt & University of Athens, visited the department from 11/12/2019 to 12/12/2019 and presented the following two talks: “Prosody-discourse interface and a typology of intonation” “Evolution of language and phonology


Dr Małgorzata Kul, University of Poznań, Poland, visited the department from 17/10/2019 to 21/10/2019 and presented the following two talks: “A corpus-based study of vowel reduction in two speech styles: A comparison between English and Polish” “Yod coalescence in American English”. She also presented the Polish sound inventory to undergraduate students in the course ‘Ling2-230 Phonetics and Phonology’.


What VOT tells us about bilingual voicing systems: the case of Greek-German voiceless stops.” Anastasia Chionidou and Katerina Nicolaidis

Winter school: “The interplay of language, literacy and cognition in bilingual settings’, co-organised by Cologne University and Aristotle University, School of Philosophy, Thessaloniki.


An EPG analysis of the articulation in an adult with Down Syndrome: the fricative /s/.” Anastasia Deri and Katerina Nicolaidis Poster at the 2nd Conference of Greek Speech Pathology, Patras.


Production of the Voicing Contrast by Greek Children with Cochlear Implants.” Nicolaidis, K., Koupka, G. A., Okalidou, A., Konstandinidis, I. & Kyriafinis, G. 3rd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing, University of Trento, Italy.


An acoustic study of Greek voiceless stops.” Nicolaidis K., Sfakianaki, A. Vlahavas, G. & Kafentzis 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Melbourne, Australia.


Electropalatography in the investigation of fricative production by Greek speakers with Down Syndrome: A case study.” Anastasia Deri and Katerina Nicolaidis 40th Annual meeting of the Department of Linguistics, School of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki