Information for speakers

Presentation timings

Plenary talks

Each plenary talk is allotted 50 minutes presentation time and 10 minutes discussion time

Papers in regular sessions and workshop

Papers are allotted 20 minutes presentation time and 10 minutes discussion time.

Session information

Please check the programme for the day and time of the session in which you are presenting. The final programme (1/4/1013) contains details of all sessions and speakers.

Each session will be allocated a chairperson responsible for introducing the speakers, controlling the timing of the sessions and facilitating questions. Speakers should meet your chairperson before thier session begins.

Speakers using PowerPoint should bring their presentation on CD or USB memory stick and download their file onto the computer in the conference room before their session begins. All conference rooms are equipped with laptop computers. Speakers cannot use their own laptop for their presentation. A technician will be available throughout the conference to handle technical aspects. Mac users, please contact the organizers in advance of your presentation. Please note that there will be no photocopying facilities onsite.