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Claudia V. Angelelli

Professor Claudia V. Angelelli is Chair in Multilingualism and Communication at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh campus), UK, Emeritus Professor of Spanish Linguistics at San Diego State University, US and Visiting Professor at Beijing University of Foreign Studies. Her research sits at the intersection of sociolinguistics, applied linguistics and translation and interpreting studies. She holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University, a Master of Arts (and two PG Certificates) from MIIS (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey) and a Bachelor of Arts from Universidad Católica Argentina.

She is the sole author of Medical Interpreting and Cross-cultural Communication (2004), Revisiting the Role of the Interpreter (2004) and Medical Interpreting Explained (2018). She is sole Guest Editor of the following journal special issues: The International Journal of the Sociology of Language: Translators and Interpreters: Geographic Displacement and Linguistic Consequences (2011), Translation and Interpreting Studies: The Sociological Turn in Translation and Interpreting (2012), Cuadernos de ALDEEU: Minding the Gaps: Translation and Interpreting Studies in Academia (2013) and Translation and Interpreting Pedagogy in Dialogue with other Disciplines (2014 w/Colina). She is co-editor of Researching Translation and Interpreting Studies (2015 w/Baer), Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies (2009 w/Jacobson), Her work appears in The Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, The Critical Link, Cuadernos de ALDEEU; European Journal of Applied Linguistics, Interpreting, Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, META, MONTI (Monografias de Traducción e Interpretación), The Translator, TIS (Translation and Interpreting Studies), The International Journal of the Sociology of Language and numerous edited volumes.

She designed the first empirically-driven language proficiency and interpreter readiness tests for The California Endowment and Hablamos Juntos (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation). She has been principal investigator in research projects in Argentina, Australia, the European Union, and the United States. Prof. Angelelli is Past President of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association and has served as Director of the American Translators Association for 6 years. She led ISO 13611: Standards on Community Interpreting and co-authored The California Standards for Health Care Interpreters. Ethical Principles, Protocols, and Guidance on Interpreter Roles and Interventions. Prof. Angelelli has extensive experience as freelancer and consultant in translation and community interpreting.

Danielle D’Hayer

Danielle D’Hayer is an associate professor in interpreting studies at London Metropolitan University. She is the course director of the MA Conference Interpreting, the MA Interpreting, MA Public Service Interpreting and interpreting short courses that include a Training the Trainers for Interpreting Studies programme and a portfolio of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities. These courses, which she developed single-handedly, have attracted both professional interpreters and novices from the UK and abroad.

Danielle has a strong interest in public service interpreting. She holds a DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting), Health option. She has taught PSI for the last 21 years. She funded the PSIT Network in the UK in 2008. She works as a consultant in curriculum development for interpreting studies and as such has led a number of projects, such as the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Inspire project with the University of World Diplomacy and Economy (UWED) and the British Council in Uzbekistan.

Danielle researches communities of practice for interpreting studies. Her main interests include innovative ways to enhance formal and informal blended learning using social media, new technologies and online platforms. You can follow her on Twitter @DDhayer.

Mette Rudvin

Mette Rudvin completed her studies at the universities of Oslo, Oxford and Warwick and holds a PhD in Translation Studies. She has been teaching a variety of English and Translation/Interpreting related subjects at the University of Bologna since 1995, but has specialized in Community Interpreting, a field in which she has published widely nationally and internationally. Her most recent co-authored books include a manual on teaching interpreting in the workplace (Palgrave MacMillan), an edited volume as well as a manual for legal interpreters in Italian, and a co-authored book on Interpreting and Ethics, to be published by Routledge this autumn. Dr. Rudvin is coordinating a Region-wide project on interpreting in the legal sector in Italy and is director of the first university training course for legal interpreters for minority languages in Italy. She works sporadically as a community- and legal interpreter and translator between Italian, English, Norwegian and Urdu.

George Rayess Yazbeck

Interpreter & Journalist
Born in Beirut, Mr. Rayess has a Master's Degree in Architecture by University of Norman-Oklahoma, and Diplomas on International Relations and on European Institutions by the Spanish Diplomatic School. Interpreter with the Spanish Royal House, Presidency of the Spanish Government, Congress, and Senate, as well as with several Spanish Ministries, Spanish Supreme Court, Lebanese Presidency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization, Doha Forum, Council of Europe, European Parliament, European Commission, European Asylum Support Office, International Red Cross, Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Emirati National Council, among many others. Currently, Mr. Rayess was deployed by The European Asylum Support Office, Agency of the European Commission, in the Greek islands, to assess and train interpreters with 11 different languages, to help a team of asylum experts from Member States in processing international protection seekers in the relocation program, and later with admissibility and eligibility procedures, helping the Greek Asylum Service in the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement. As a journalist, he collaborates with Asharq Alawsat, BBC, CNBC and France 24. He is also Personal Assistant of H.R.H. Prince Sultan Bin Abdu Aziz during his visits to Spain.