Volume 16 Contents

Tatiani G. Rapatzikou and Aliki Varvogli

Writing War

A Freedom Transcending Mere Materiality; Catch-22, Temporality, Trauma, and Responsibility
Ian Edwards

The Sixties are Dead: Long Live their Legacy: The Politics and Poetics of Counterculture
Theodora Tsimpouki

Writing a War Novel: Self-referentiality and Post-national Critique in Toni Morrisons Paradise
Kathryn Nicol

Bridging Poetic and Cold War Divides in Lyn Hejinians Oxota and Vikram Seths The Golden Gate
Jacob Edmond

Mediating Acts of War/Staging Crises of Sensibility: David Rabes Sticks and Bones, Eve Enslers Necessary Targets, and Sam Shepards The God of Hell
Konstantinos Blatanis

From Eco-criticism to Eco-terrorism

Hop, Skip or Leap? Issues of Accessibility in the Literature of Rachel Carson, Janisse Ray, and Terry Tempest Williams
Helen Bralesford

What Is Called Ecoterrorism
Lawrence Buell

Hollywood in/on Crisis

Hollywoods Major Crisis and the American Film Renaissance
Michalis Kokonis

How to Do Conspiracy Theory With Fetishism: The Myth of the Slain King
Emily Bakola

Illness, Death, and Catastrophe

The Horror of Self-Reflection: Writing, Cancer, and Terrorism in Philip Roths American Pastoral
Christopher Gair

American Grief: The AIDS Quilt and Texts of Witness
Monica B. Pearl

Abandoning Hope in American Fiction of the 1980s: Catalogues of Gothic Catastrophe
Arthur Redding

Fiction Writing after 9/11

Plotting Against America: 9/11 and the Spectacle of Terror in Contemporary American Fiction
Catherine Morley

Review Essay American Literature for a Post-American Era
Antonis Balasopoulos

Book Reviews

Philip Roth (by David Brauner)
Reviewed by Yiorgos Kalogeras

American Fiction of the 1990s: Reflections of History and Culture (edited by Jay Posser)
Reviewed by Philip Leonard

The Novel. Vol. I: History, Geography, and Culture (edited by Franco Moretti)
Reviewed by Wolfgang Funk

The Novel. Vol. II: Forms and Themes (edited by Franco Moretti)
Reviewed by Colleen Kennedy