15th International Conference on Applied Linguistics

Cross-curricular Approaches to Language Education 

23-25 November 2012 

Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe

Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of the Basque Country in Spain. Her recent publications have focused on the acquisition of English as a third language, multilingualism, and issues related to Content and Language Integrated Learning. She has published widely in international journals, books and edited books. She has recently co-edited the volumes Content and Language Integrated Learning: Evidence from Research in Europe (Multilingual Matters, 2009); CLIL in Spain: Implementation, Results and Teacher Training (Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2010) and Content and Language Integrated Learning: Contributions to Multilingualism in European Contexts (Peter Lang, 2011), which has been awarded the Research Award of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics for experienced researchers.