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Workshop (26 July 2017)

New Approaches to the History of Early English(es) II

The 2017 Old and Middle English Summer School in Naxos will be organizing a workshop on “New Approaches to the History of Early English(es) II”, to be held on 26 July 2017.


Abstracts that approach the Old and Middle English language from any perspective are welcome, including: historical morpho-syntax, phonology, pragmatics, language contact and language change. Please email your 300-words abstract to Nikolaos Lavidas (nlavidas@enl.auth.gr) and Alexander Bergs (abergs@uos.de), by April 20.

Åxtended deadline: May 30th 2017.



Talks (26 July 2017, 9:45-12:00)

Laura Romaine

University of Michigan

Heavenly Visions with Earthly Sight: The Literal and Metaphorical Eye in Medieval Texts


Juliette Lanos

Université Lyon 2

A Linguistic Analysis of the Old and Middle English Versions of the Lord’s Prayer


Felix Hausleitner

University of Graz

Methodological Problems of Translating Old English Medical Texts