Presentations will be allotted 20 minutes, plus 10-15 minutes for questions and discussion. Slightly more time will be available for discussion for those of you with three speakers in a session rather than four. Selected papers will be published in a volume dedicated to the theme of the conference. MS Power Point facilities will be available for all presentations. Computers available at the conference will run Power Point 2003 and earlier versions since not all functionality of Power Point 2007 is assured.

Electronic copies of presentations should be sent as e-mail attachments to both of the addresses & no later than May 25, 2008 , so that they can be tested and stored on the PC on site. The subject of the email should be “The Individual and the Mass” and the name of the attached document should contain the name ( s ) of the presenter(s).

If this deadline cannot be met, speakers should hand in Power Point presentations , preferably on compact USB stick , at the latest during the break before the beginning of the session. They should also have it on CD-ROM for further backup or e-mail it to themselves. In the latter case, they can download it using the internet facilities at the conference site.

Handouts are the responsibility of each presenter since on-site photocopying resources will be very limited.

Finally, to ensure publication of their abstract in the book of abstracts, presenters should confirm their participation in the conference by paying their conference fee by April 21, 2007 .