PhD theses 

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Panagiotis Andreou
An evaluation of different teaching methods for the teaching of Greek as a foreign language. An empirical study

Eirini Kelmali
An acoustic analysis of selected aspects of Greek for the development of a speech training tool for applications in education and speech pathology

Artemisia Lazari
An acoustic analysis of vowel production in the west Greek dialect of Preveza: A sociophonetic approach

Milena Milenova
The Interlanguage Phonology of Bulgarian Learners of Modern Greek: Investigating Segmental acquisition and Evaluation Pronunciation Teaching Methods

Anastasia Chionidou
Phonological acquisition by bilingual children of selected linguistic backgrounds including Greek in different educational contexts: theoretical and pedagogical implications (Research program Thalis)     


Eleni Tsiartioni, 2011
The acquisition of speech rhythm and features of the stop voicing system in Greek-English interlanguage: A linguistic and pedagogical approach’

Anna Sfakianaki , 2012
An Acoustic Study of coarticulation in the Speech of Greek adults with normal hearing and hearing impairment

Vaia Papachristou, 2014
The Effectiveness of Explicit or Implicit Pronunciation Teaching to Greek learners of English: the case of acquisition of English vowels