Edgar M. A. Joycey

Ed JOYCEY has been appointed as a Foreign Language Instructor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, School of English, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 1995, where he teaches at undergraduate level and on INSET teacher-training courses run by the department. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics from the University of London, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (P.G.C.E.) from the Institute of Education, University of London, a Royal Society of Arts(R.S.A.) Diploma in the Teaching of English to Multicultural Groups and an M.Ed.(with TESOL) from the University of Leeds.

He has held teaching and administrative posts both in schools in the U.K. and for the British Council Teaching Centre, Thessaloniki, where he worked as a teacher and trainer from 1977 to 1995. He has also worked on Teacher-training courses in the U.K., attended and participated in many conferences, written many articles, and is an R.S.A. assessor for the Dip TEFLA (Diploma in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language to Adults), a post-graduate diploma for teachers of EFL.

Courses taught at Aristotle University are:

Ø      Contemporary English Language 1 & II (Lang1 - 105 & 106)

Ø      Oral Practice I & II (Lang1 - 107 & 108)

Ø      Writing Skills I & II (Lang1 – 109 &209)

Ø      Communication Skills I & II (Lang1 – 111 & 211)

Ø      Syllabus Design and Materials Production (Ling3 – 450)

Work at the British Council included:

Ø      Teaching English(EMG) at all levels and ages (Beginners to Cambridge Proficiency)

Ø      Teaching ESP/EAP on & off site

Ø      Teacher training at various levels and with differing roles and responsibilities:

§         RSA DipTEFLA course [Designer, input, tutor, observer, examiner.]

§         Greek state school teachers’ courses:

ü      Long INSET 1 academic year seconded courses(SELME)[Weekly input sessions and regular classroom observations.]

ü      Short INSET 3 month seconded courses(SELME)[Weekly input sessions.]

ü      Short seminars (week or weekend) input sessions(PEK)[Occasional, invited]

§         BC internal, basic methodology courses(3 month regular weekly input sessions, and occasional input on week long seminars.)

Ø      Responsibility for Davies test, ELTS and IELTS.

Ø      Demonstration lessons and public talks.

Teacher training includes:

Ø      The above BC work

Ø      Various input sessions for teachers of private TEFL institutes(Invited)

Ø      Regular course input on privately organised seminars (Basic methodology on weekends for 5 to 10 weeks)

Ø      Invited PEK (State school teacher short seminars)inputs in various Greek cities.

Ø      Summer work on courses at University College of St Mark & St John (ESP, General training/awareness raising of international group, Teachers of Young Learners.)

Ø      Aristotle University input sessions on methodology courses having the idea of empowering the teachers. [To date 9 courses from February 2000, some 10 weekend duration, others 2 week duration.](Teachers from all levels and types of experience.)

Ø      University of Macedonia input sessions on methodology courses for IT. [Weekend courses for either 1 or ½ academic year.]

Examining work includes:

Ø      Oral examiner for Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE (full-suite)

Ø      ORAL examiner for JMB NEAB

Ø      Oral examiner for Michigan proficiency

Ø      Material producer for FCE /CPE oral exams and PALSO(Greek Union of Foreign Language Institute Owners) written examinations

Ø      Assessor & interlocutor on Cambridge CEELT & CEBIT exams

Ø      RSA Dip TEFLA Assessments in various places in Greece and the world

Ø      ASEP marker(Board for appointing Greek civil servants & state school teachers)

Ø      IELTS, ELTS and Davies test marker and oral examiner

Administrative work, experience and ability is reflected in involvement in the various following duties:

Ø      Responsibility for the running of, administration of and marking of IELTS etc. in Northern Greece from 1981 to 1995

Ø      Consultation about IELTS design.

Ø      Senior teacher responsibility at BC with its various duties

Ø      Co-ordinator, course designer, director for the BC

Ø      Testing overseer at the BC for entry and progress tests

Ø      TESOL Macedonia/Thrace founding member, board member(1997 to 2000) and supervisory board member(1995 to 1997 and 2000 - ) [This involved arranging weekend seminars and annual international conferences.]

Ø      Being a member of the organising committee for Aristotle University, School of English annual international symposia on Theoretical and Applied linguistics (1998 Vice-chair & 2001 Treasurer)

Ø      Being a joint organiser and a speaker at a one-day colloquium in Thessaloniki University entitled, ’Challenges in Teacher Education.’

Ø      Organising and teaching on a Foundation Course in shipping at a local foundation centre.

Ø      Visit and report on BC centres in Barcelona and Cairo

Ø      Responsibility for examiner standardisation for FCE/CPE

Involvement in conferences and seminars is:


·        RSA Diploma assessors meeting in UK and Greece(1987,1993,1994,1995)

·        RSA Conference in St Albans Centre London(1996)

·        Summer Institute and seminar at ESADE Barcelona

·        Aston university BC summer school course on ESP(1980)

·        ISFC25 Congress Modelling Language in Use, and Institute (Cardiff 1998)


·        Talks at many conferences on TEFL:

ü      International such as:

§        IAAL/AILA World conference, Halkidiki 1990

§        EFL conference Hacettepe University, Ankara 1990

§        IATEFL in Athens 1981

§        IAAL(AILA) 1995

ü      In Greece such as at various of the following since 1980:

§        TESOL Greece

§        TESOL Northern Greece

§        Greek Applied Linguistics Association(GALA)

§        TESOL Macedonia-Thrace

§        International Symposia, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of English

Publications are:

q       International journals

·        Modern English Teacher

·        System

·        World Englishes

·        Practical English Teaching

·        Forum and Forum Anthology

·        Foreign Language Learning and International Tolerance

q       In Greece journals and documents:

·        GALA Proceedings

·        Aristotle University Symposia Proceedings

·        TESOL Greece Newsletters

·        ELT News (EFL English Language Newspaper)

q       Books

·        Docks and Harbours  Pergamon Press (An ESP reader)

·        Bits & Pieces Collins 1984 (Theatre Sketches for TEFL)

Besides the above he has been involved in many other areas where the English Language is used such as:

Translating texts from Greek into English

Making tapes and videos for EFL books

CD-Rom production

A theme throughout his teaching is that of how to make learners become autonomous learners, who are able to see how to interact with the English language and make decisions about the best use of the elements of the language.

His concern with teacher training revolves around the need for teachers to build confidence while expanding their knowledge about teaching. They should be encouraged to become aware of the decisions they make in all aspects of the profession, as assess the value of these decisions.

(EJ CV Summary/ Hd-Ed’s New Documents – Hdlap- Ed’s documents/Fd-TT2002-3/March 2002.)

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