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Katerina Nicolaidis
Dr. Katerina Nicolaidis

Current position
Assistant Professor
Director of the Phonetics Laboratory

Academic societies
Secretary of the International Phonetics Association
Member of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians

Academic background

PhD, University of Reading

Thesis: Sources of articulatory variability in Greek:
an electropalatographic investigation

MA in Theoretical Linguistics, University of Reading

BA in English Language and Literature, Aristotle University

Previous academic posts
Teaching and Research posts at:

University of Reading (1989 -1993)
Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh (1993 -1995)
Aristotle University (1998 - 2002)

Honorary posts:

Honorary Research Fellow, Queen Margaret University College

Courses taught
English Phonetics and Phonology          (2nd year)                   
Phonetics                                                   (3rd year)                     
Phonology                                                  (3rd year)                   
Teaching the Pronunciation of English   (3rd year)                   
Phonological Acquisition                         (4th year)                   
Introduction to Linguistics                        (1st year)                   
Phonetics-Phonology                               (postgraduate course)        
Teaching the pronunciation of Greek     (postgraduate course- Gr Dept)

Current research interests
electropalatographic investigation of Greek lingual consonants
acoustic and articulatory variability in spontaneous speech
phonological acquisition
speech disorders - hearing impairment
pronunciation teaching

Research and projects

Past projects:

ACCOR: Articulatory-acoustic correlations of coarticulatory processes.  
EEC funded ESPRIT (Basic Research Action) project.
Languages investigated: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Irish Gaelic and Swedish.

SPHERE: Speech and Hearing Representations. 
EEC funded HMC (Human Capital and Mobility) project.
AVHI:  Articulatory Variability in Hearing Impairment. 
ANEP Project funded by the Research Committee of Aristotle University. 
Language investigated: Greek.

Current projects:

the παιδολογος project: cross-language investigation of phonological development
Project granted to Ohio State University.

PEPIKA: Teacher Training Seminars. 
Self-funded project of the Research Committee of Aristotle University.

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