Tina Krontiris and Jyotsna Singh

Professional and Amateur Audiences: a Comparative Overview

Sowing the Dragons Teeth: Amateurism, Domesticity, and the Anglophone Audience for Shakespeare, 1607-2007
Michael Dobson

The Renaissance Audience-within-an-Audience

Interpretive Multiplicity: Audiences and Mediators on the Shakespearean Stage
Sandra Logan

The Audience of the Jacobean Masque, with a Reference to The Tempest
Effie Botonaki

Censorship Surveillance, and the Formation of Audiences

The Perfect Production: Les Kurbass Analysis of the Early Soviet Audience
Irena R. Makaryk

Within and Beyond: Pavel Kohouts Play Makbeth and its Audiences
Hana Worthen

Be patient till the last: The Censors Lesson on Shakespeare
Anna Cetera

Audience Response and Ideological Negotiations

Different Othello(s) and Contentious Spectators: Changing Responses in India
Nandi Bhatia

Shakespeare and the Audiences of the Greek Traveling Actors
Mara Yanni

Twas Me Who Combed Her Hair: Audience Participation in Two Italian Rewritings of Othello
Mariangela Tempera

Parting totally sucks: Filming Romeo and Juliet for Generation X
Xenia Georgopoulou

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