The Language Development Laboratory

The Language Development Laboratory (room 308Δ) aims to cover educational and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following areas:

  • Second Language development and language processing (comprehension and production)
  • Investigation of developmental stages, grammatical properties of first and second language, and variables which affect linguistic development
  • First language acquisition in Greek by normally developing children and children with language problems

Information: Tel: 2310 99 7460.
Director: Tsimpli Ianthi Maria.


The Phonetics Laboratory

Research and teaching on the production, acoustics and perception of speech is carried out in the Phonetics Laboratory of the School (room 308Δ).

The Lab is equipped with several state-of-the-art experimental systems, including the KAY CSL system for the acoustic analysis of speech and electropalatography for the investigation of lingual articulation.

The lab is used for the teaching and practice of students attending undergraduate and postgraduate courses in phonetics, as well as for research on normal and pathological speech.

Information: Tel: 2310 99 7370.
Director: Nikolaidou Aikaterini.


The Laboratory of Narrative Research



Information: Tel: 2310 99 7370.
Director: Giannopoulou Effie.