A few words about “With two languages”. Who are we?

We are a group of researchers in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who are concerned with issues of language development and bilingualism in children and adult populations.


Ianthi Maria Tsimpli
Emerita professor School of English AUTh
Founder, Director of The Language Development Laboratory 2011-2015
Marina Matthaioudakis
Associate professor School of English, AUTh 
Director of The Language Development Laboratory

Group Members

Lena Agathopoulou
Associate professor, School of English, AUTh

Despina Papadopoulou
Associate professor, School of Philology, AUTh
Elvira Masoura
Associate professor, School of Psychology, AUTh

Nikos Amvrazis
PhD, School of English, AUTh

Thomai Alexiou
Assistant professor, School of English, AUTh

Maria Andreou

Froso Argiri
PhD, University of Edinburgh
Dosi Ifigenia
Lia Efstathiadi
Special teaching fellow, School of English, AUTh
Maria Kaltsa
PhD, School of English, AUTh
Vasiliki Kyriakou
PhD candidate, School of English, AUTh
Maria Martzoulou
PhD candidate, Shcool of Philology, AUTh
Christina Malingoudi
Post Doc, University of Crete
Stamatia Michalopoulou
PhD candidate, School of Philology, AUTh
Natalia Nannou
Graduate student, School of English, AUTh
Eleni Peristeri
Post Doc, School of English, AUTh
Alexandra Prentza
PhD, School of English, AUTh
Georgia Fotiadou
PhD, School of English, AUTh
Valbona Hystuna
Teacher of Albanian Language

What we want and what we can do

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the researchers of bilingualism and the bilingual speakers (families, teachers, institutions) in order to help as many children as possible utilize Bilingualism. Our goal is to open a communication channel between all those people who are concerned with bilingualism matters. Our priority is to promote a dialogue that responds to questions regarding bilingualism with research as a tool, when in need.

Ask us

If you are part of a family in which more than one languages are used and you want your kid to speak them too, but you don’t know how to manage that. If you are afraid whether these two languages will negatively influence your kid’s school performance. If you want to learn more about how a brain with two languages works.

Do you have questions like these? Are you in doubt regarding the two languages? You can read relative articles on our website or email us your thoughts at me2glosses@enl.auth.gr.

Talks for Parents and Teachers

We will be happy to visit you in schools, nurseries, kindergartens or other organised events with local and other institutions to talk to you about bilingualism.