MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Course list

Ling2-520 Foundations of Language
Ling2-521 Issues in Theoretical Linguistics
Ling2-523 Linguistic Theories
Ling2-526 Themes in Syntax
Ling2-530 Diachronic English Linguistics
Ling2-531 Issues in Phonetics
Ling2-533 Issues in Phonology
Ling2-540 Semantics
Ling2-541 Pragmatics
Ling2-543 Issues in Semantics
Ling2-544 Issues in Pragmatics
Ling2-545 Issues in Computational Linguistics
Ling2-546 Text Analysis
Ling2-547 Philosophy of Language
Ling2-590 Morphological Theory
Ling2-592 Cognitive Linguistics
Ling2-600 Exercises and Research in Theoretical Linguistics
Ling3-521 Issues in Applied Linguistics
Ling3-531 Pedagogical Grammar
Ling3-561 Language Needs Analysis
Ling3-562 Interlanguage Studies
Ling3-563 Intercultural Education and ELT
Ling3-564 Linguistics for Language Education
Ling3-565 Discourse Analysis for Teaching Purposes
Ling3-566 Teaching Listening (developing oral understanding)
Ling3-567 Teaching Reading (developing written text comprehension)
Ling3-569 Stylistics and the Study of Literature
Ling3-570 Theories of Second Language Acquisition
Ling3-571 Teaching English to Young Learners
Ling3-572 New Technologies in Language Education: the Use of Language Corpora
Ling3-573 Design and Evaluation of Teaching Material
Ling3-574 The Teaching of Levels of Linguistic Analysis (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation)
Ling3-575 Syllabus Design
Ling3-576 Learning and Teaching Foreign Skills
Ling3-578 Measuring Second Language Performance
Ling3-581 English for Specific Purposes
Ling3-582 EFL Teacher Training
Ling3-600 Exercises and Research in Applied Linguistics
Ling4-521 Issues in Interdisciplinary Linguistics
Ling4-550 Sociolinguistics
Ling4-551 Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
Ling4-552 The Dimension of Gender in Language
Ling4-555 Psycholinguistics
Ling4-556 Psycholinguistics: Parameters and Second Language Acquisition
Ling4-557 Psycholinguistics: theories of second language acquisition
Ling4-593 Research Methods Linguistics
Ling4-595 Critical discourse analysis
Ling4-597 Language and the Media
Ling4-600 Exercises and Research in Interdisciplinary Linguistics