Sound Stories

(Autumn Rhythm, Number 30, 1950, Jackson Pollock)

Can sound tell a story? We know that organized sound (i.e. music) can trigger emotion or establish a setting, but can we consider sound as a narrative creating device? How does sound relate to other narrative media?

This is a seminar on sound and stories unfolding in sound. We will hear sound stories and we'll create our own sound narrative, thus exploring the limits and capacities of sound as a storytelling tool. No previous experience with sound work is required. Students are kindly asked to bring along: a scarf (or any long piece of fabric) and a small object with a distinct sound.

Where: at the department's library (308)
When: Tuesday 6/3
What time: 17:30-19:30

As there is a limited number of participants, students interested in attending the workshop should contact Maria Ristani ( and reserve a place beforehand.