In progress

The effects of bilingualism on verbal and non-verbal cognition
Andreou Maria, Thalis Action
Language and memory constraints in anaphora resolution: a developmental perspective
Katsiperi Maria, ARISTEIA 1
to be announced
Stamatopoulou Figaleia
Narrative discourse as a measure of communication disorders
Baldimtsi Eleni
The Acquisition of Aspect and Motion Verbs in the Native Language
Kotroni Maria, IKY Scholarship, Propontis Foundation Scholarship, Leventis Foundation Scholarship
Temporal Connectives in Child Language
Papakonstantinou Maria



Null vs overt subjects pronouns in near-native speakers of Greek
Amvrazis Nikos, 2012
The role of Inflection in the L2 English clause structure
Dimitrakopoulou Maria, 2012
The Acquisition of Telicity in the Native Language
Kaltsa Maria, 2012, Iraklitos II Scholarship, AUTH Honours Scholarship, Leventis Foundation Scholaship
The effects of L2 on L3 development
Avgerinou Despina, 2011
Production and Comprehension Abilities in Serbian and Greek Broca’s Aphasics
Jovanov Natasha, 2011, IKY Scholarship
Displacement phenomena in L1 Greek: A study of comprehension
Kalaitzidou Melina, 2011
Comprehension and Production of Wh-Elements and Complementisers in the Acquisition of L1 Greek
Asproudi Evangelia, 2010
Transitivity Alternations & Voice Morphology in Greek: evidence from Corpora
Fotiadou Georgia, 2010, PENED ’03
Interfaces in Broca’s Aphasia
Peristeri Eleni, 2010, AUTH Honours Scholarship
The null subject Parameter in Second Language Acquisition
Prentza Alexandra, 2010
Sentence Processing Strategies in Adults and Children: PP Attachment in Corpora and Psycholinguistic Tasks
Katsika Kalliopi, 2009, PENED ’03
The effect of morphophonology and the interpretability of features in the grammar of typically developing and Specifically language-impaired children
Mastropavlou Maria, 2006, Iraklitos I Scholarship


Post-Doctoral Research

'Foundation for Education and European Culture' Grant (2010 to 2011): The investigation of executive functions in Greek-speaking patients diagnosed with Broca's aphasia: Proposals for the treatment of executive dysufnction deficits
New Researcher: Eleni Peristeri - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki