Volume 21 Contents

Maria Schoina and Andrew Stauffer


Deleafing: The History and Future of Losing Print
Andrew Piper

Fundamental Brainwork. Rossetti Among the Printers
Jerome McGann

The International Commerce of Genius: Foreign Books in Romantic-Period London
Diego Saglia

Percy Bysshe Shelley, the ewspapers of 1819 and the Language of Poetry
Catherine Boyle

Lord Byrons Childe Harolds Pilgrimage: Scoping a Twenty-First-Century Digital Book History Resource
David McClay

The Theory of the Copy: Henry Fox Talbot and The Pencil of Nature
Jeremy Valentine Freeman

Ouidas Publishing History: Prolific Then, Peripheral Now
Barbara Vrachnas

Romantic Fragmentation and Victorian Censorship: Rethinking Nineteenth-Century Authorship
Elisavet Ioannidou

Books in Pieces: Granger, History, and the Collection
Michael Macovski

Scarers in Print: Media Literacy and Media Practice from Our Mutual Friend to Friend me On Facebook
James Mussell

Book Reviews

The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Vol. VI, 1830‒ 1914 (edited by David McKitterick)
Reviewed by Annika Bautz

Dreaming in Books: The Making of the Bibliographic Imagination in the Romantic Age (by Andrew Piper)
Reviewed by Maureen McCue

Romantic Magazines and Metropolitan Literary Culture (by David Stewart)
Reviewed by Jonathan Sachs

The Nineteenth-Century Press in the Digital Age (by James Mussell)
Reviewed by Mark Schoenfield