Volume 20 Contents

Semiotics Today: An Introduction
Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou and Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos

Theoretical Issues

The Difference Between Semiotics and Semiology
Russell Daylight

Reaching Toward the Outside: Saussure, Hjelmslev and Cinema Semiosis
Rea Walldén

Are We Always Translating Signs Whether We Know It or Not?
Floyd Merrell

The Semiotics of Natural Language

Biblical Windows
Mony Almalech

Semantic Isotopies in Interlingual Translation: Towards a Cultural Approach
Evangelos Kourdis

Everyday Practices and Subversions: Semiotic Analysis of the 2009 Greek Elections Through the Headlines of a Daily National Newspaper
Maria Chalevelaki

Visual Semiotics

Remix Semiosis as Ideology Critique: A Visual Semiotic Study of Critical Remix Video
Owen Gallagher

The Reader as Author and the Ontological Divide: Rome Total WarTM and the Semiotic Process
Michalis Kokonis

Foucaults Heterotopias and History in Greenaways Suitcases
Maria Daskalaki

Matter-Reality in Cinema: Realism, Counter-Realism and the Avant-Gardes
Rea Walldén

Possible (Life)World Semiotics: On Inter-Textual Formations Amongst Advertising, Literary and Filmic Texts
George Rossolatos

Reading the Identity of Dramatis Personae Through the Semantics of Possible Worlds
Dimitris Tsatsoulis

When Lacan Met Dali: Lacans Paranoid Reading of Saussures Theory of the Sign*
Despina-Alexandra Constantinidou

Semiotics of the Body

At the Cutting Edge Between Semiology and Phenomenology: Performances of Orlan and Franko B*
Panayiota Chrysochou

Cultures of Invisibility: The Semiotics of the Veil in Early Christianity
Massimo Leone

Review Section

Joseph, John E. Saussure
Reviewed by Russell Daylight

Crow, David. Visible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics in the Visual Arts
Reviewed by Evripides Zantides

Leone, Massimo. Saints and Signs: A Semiotic Reading of Conversion in Early Modern Catholicism
Reviewed by Anastasia Christodoulou