Jill Bourne

Professor Jill Bourne is a member of the Centre for Language in Education at the University of Southampton, England. She is Chair of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (1997-2000) and has been Vice President of the International Association for Applied Linguistics (AILA) from 1996-1999. Having taught and researched for some years at the Open University, UK, she brings in depth experience of using new technologies in Distance Education to the fields of minority language education and widening educational access for all.


Dumitri Chitoran

Dr. Dumitri Chitoran, Professor of English Linguistics, University of Bucharest. Former Dean (1969-1977) and Vice-rector (1977-1983) of the University of Bucharest.
Director of the Romanian-English Contrastive Analysis Project (1969-1975). Published extensively (books, monographs and articles) on English, general and applied linguistics.
Joined UNESCO in 1983 as deputy director of the European Centre for Higher Education (1983-1989), then as head and director of the Higher Education Section (1989-1994).
Currently, Special Adviser to the Director General of UNESCO and his representative in the Council of the University for Peace.
Member of UNESCO's Task Force for the International Year for a Culture of Peace.


Carl James

Carl James studied German, French, Russian and TEFL, at Nottingham, Göttingen, Berlin, Oxford, Moscow, and Manchester before lecturing in Applied Linguistics at Bangor (Wales), where he served as Head of Linguistics and is Senior Postgraduate Tutor. He directed several London TEFL summer schools for the British Council and has also undertaken lecture tours to some twenty countries, and held appointments as Research Fellow (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and as Visiting Professor in the universities of Lisbon (1980-81), Rio de Janeiro (1988-89), and Brunei Darussalam (1994-95). He has published over 100 articles and the books Contrastive Analysis, Language Awareness in the Classroom and Errors in Language Learning and Use, served on several editorial boards and consultative committees. Main interests are: Contrastive and Error Analysis, Second Language Writing, Translation, Spelling, and Language Awareness: but essentially a Jack of All those Trades than impinge on language teaching.


Eric Kellerman

Reader in Contemporary English Linguistics
Member of the Depts of English and Applied Linguistics, University of Nijmegen and The Centre for Language Studies
Former Vice-President and Founder Member of EUROSLA (The European Second Language Association). Currently Editor of the EUROSLA magazine, The Clarion.
Published in Language Learning, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Second Language Research, and contributed chapters to many books.

Recent publications include:
1997: Kasper, G. & E. Kellerman (Eds). Communication Strategies: Psycholinguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives. London: Addison Wesley Longman.

1997: (with E. Bialystok) On psychological plausibility in communication strategy research. In Kasper and Kellerman (Eds.)

1997: Why typologically close languages are interesting for theories of second language acquisition. In J. Aarts & H. Wekker (Eds.), Festschrift for Flor Aarts.

1998: When Words Fail. In K. Malmkjaer & J. Phillips (Eds.), Language in Context. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

1999: Review of P. Jordens &J. Lalleman (Eds.). 1996. Investigating Second Language Acquisition. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter In SSLA, 21(1): 153-155.

1999: (with K. Yoshioka) Inter-and intra-population consistency: A comment on Kanno. Second Language Research, 15(1): 101-109.

1999: (with R. Vermeulen) Causation in narrative: the role of language background and proficiency in two episodes of 'the frog story'. In Albrechtsen, D., Henriksen, B., Mees, I. & Poulsen, E. (Eds.), Perspectives on Foreign and Second Language Pedagogy. Odense, DK: Odense University Press, pp.161-176.

1999: A 'break' with tradition. In S. Foster & C. Perdue (Eds.), Proceedings of EUROSLA 8. AILE.

In press: (with J. van Ijzendoorn & H. Takashima) Retesting a universal: The ECP and learners of (pseudo)Japanese as a second language. In K. Kanno (Ed.), The Acquisition of Japanese as a Second Language. Amsterdsam: John Benjamins.

My research interests are second language acquisition, with particular emphasis on transfer, semantics, communication strategies and figurative language.
Non-academic interests include cooking and eating, Gershwin, classical music, cinema, and digital photography.


Dr. Jean-René Ladmiral

Philosophe, linguiste et germaniste, Jean-René Ladmiral enseigne la philosophie allemande, ainsi que la traductologie à l'Université de Paris-X-Nanterre, où il dirige aussi le C.E.R.T. (Centre d'Études et de Recherches en Traduction). Il enseigne aussi la traduction et la traductologie à l'I.S.I.T. (Institut Supérieur d'Interprétation et de Traduction) de Paris.
Jean-René Ladmiral est aussi traducteur. Il a surtout traduit les philosophes allemands: Jürgen Habermas et l'École de Francfort, mais aussi Kant, Nietzsche, etc. Sa première traduction était de l'anglais: Crisis of Psychoanalysis de Erich Fromm.

Outre ses travaux sur la philosophie allemande, et en didactique des langues –ses recherches ont porté principalement sur la traduction. Sa thèse d'Habilitation à diriger des recherches s'intitulait: "La traductologie: de la linguistique à la philosophie". Il a publié de nombreux articles et dirigés plusieurs Noméros de revues (Languages nos 28 $ 116, Langue française no 51, Revue d'Esthétique No 12, etc.) sur la traduction, ainsi qu'un livre (récemment réédité): Traduire: théorèmes pour la traduction, Paris, Gallimard, 1994 (coll. Tel, no 246).
Dans le prolongement de ces travaux sur la traduction, il aussi publié, en collaboration avec Edmond Marc Lipiansky, un ouvrage intitulé La Communication interculturelle, Paris, Armand Colin, 1989, rééd. 1991 & 1995 (Bibliothèque européenne des sciences de l'éducation.


Ulrike Hanna Meinhof

Ulrike Hanna Meinhof (Professor), MA (Munich), DPhil (Sussex)
Chair of Cultural Studies, Department of Modern languages, University of Bradford (since 1995). (University of Sussex 1977-89, University of Manchester 1989-95)

Key publications
Selected Books
(1994), (with K. Richardson), (eds.), Text, Discourse and Context.
Representation of Poverty in Britain.
Longman: London & New York. (256 pp).
Joint winner of the 1995 BAAL book prize.

(1997), (with S. Johnson), (eds.), Masculinity and Language. Blackwell: Oxford. (244pp)

(1998), Language Learning in the Age of Satellite Television. Oxford University Press. (165pp)

(1999), (with Kay Richardson) Worlds in Common? Television Discourse in a changing Europe. Routledge: London & New York. (197pp) (in press) (with J. Smith) (eds), Intertextuality and the Media. From Genre to Everyday Life. Manchester University Press (autumn 1999).

Publications Coordinator and Executive Board Member of AILA (International Association for Applied Linguistics).
Co-founder and co-chair of AILA Scientific Commission Language and the Media.
Member of ESF programme: Changing Media, Changing Europe
Vice-president PRism (Pole de recherches internationales sur les medias)
Visiting professor at Goeteborg, Florence, Kassel, Berlin-Babelsberg

Current externally funded research projects:
Coordinator of Fifth Framework consortium, EU DG12, into discursive construction of identities in European border communities 2000-2003. (SERC-1999-00023)
Principal partner of ESRC grant into discursive construction of identities on the former German-German and German-Polish border (ESRCR000 22 2899) with D. Galasinski (1999-2000)
Coordinator of research project The Televisual construction of the 20th century at the eve of the millennium (supported by AHRB and 10 national cultural instutions 1999-2000).