Registration and Information

Information and registration headquarters for the duration of the conference will be located in Capsis hotel, on the mezzanine (going up the stairs on your right hand side).

The conference secretariat will check your registration status and provide you with a receipt for your registration fee payment. You will then receive your conference bag and materials. If you will be paying for your registration fee on-site, you must pay in cash (Euros). No checks or credit cards will be accepted for on-site registrations.

Should you have questions or requests for information during the conference, please consult with the conference secretariat or ask one of the student volunteers you will see on site. The registration and information office will be open: Thursday March 15th 17:00-18:00; Friday March 16th 8.30-9.00. The desk will also be open on Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th. Please, note that student volunteers will be at the secretariat daily, during the duration of the conference.

Hotel/Accommodation Contact Details

Check the following hotel locations on Thessaloniki map

Please, note that city maps will be distributed to all conference participants upon registration.
Also, feel free to contact any of the conference volunteers should you need assistance with transportation, dining facilities, banking, etc.

1. Capsis Hotel
Monastiriou 18
tel.: +30 2310 521321

The hotel’s distance from the most important places in Thessaloniki: Aristotle University Campus / Helexpo: 4 km, Market: 1 km, Local Museums: 4 - 7 km, Airport: 17 km, Railway Station: 300 m

2. Imperial Hotel
Antigonidon 13
tel.: + 30 2310 508300

3. Olympic Hotel
Egnatias 25
tel.: +30 2310 566870

4. Oresteias-Kastoria
Agnostou Stratiotou 14 & Olymou
tel.: +30 2310 276517 

5. Park Hotel
Ionos Dragoumi 81
tel.: +30 2310 524121

6. Pella Hotel
Ionos Dragoumi 63
tel.: +30 2310 524221

Student Guest Houses

7. Foititiki Estia A
Stilponos Kyriakidi 15, 40 Ekklisies
tel.: +30 2310 210311

8. Foititiki Estia Γ (C)
Stilponos Kyriakidi 15, 40 Ekklisies
tel.: +30 2310 210414

Conference Venues

The conference sessions will take place in the following conference rooms, all located in Capsis hotel:

The Norton publications presentation will take place in room Filippos (8th floor).
All plenary talks will be held in room Theodora (Mezzanine).
The opening buffet dinner will be held in the Restaurant “Byzantium” (Mezzanine).
The dance/theater performances will be taking place in the mezzanine area as well as in the areas outside the conference rooms.
The closing gala dinner will take place in room Filippos (8th floor).


From/To the Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”:
The Airport is located 13 Km east from the city of Thessaloniki, in the region "Micra".

By bus: Route bus No 78 operates a regular service between Thessaloniki International Airport and the New Railway Station in the city of Thessaloniki (adjacent to Capsis hotel, on Monastiriou street). The bus departs every one hour and the bus stop is situated outside the Check-in Hall. The duration of the above route is about 45 minutes with a ticket price of 0,50 €. You may purchase bus tickets in advance at ticket kiosks, or on the bus, using the automatic vending machines. In this case, the ticket costs 0,60 €.

By taxi: An approximate cost for a taxi ride from the airport to the city is 10 € (thirty-minute journey time). Radio Taxi telephone numbers (premium cost): +30 2310 550500, +30 2310 214900, +30 2310 546522, +30 2310 551525, +30 2310 866866, +30 2310 525000.
If you need to use a taxi for transportation, try to share a ride with others to reduce cost. Bear in mind that prices increase during night hours and there is an added cost if taking a taxi from/to the airport.

Banking at the airport
Banks located in the main airport building (International Arrivals):
National Bank of Greece: Tel. : +30 2310 473852, from12:00 to18:00
Emporiki Bank of Greece: from 12:00 to 18:00
Piraeus Bank: Tel. : +30 2310 476108,

Tourist Information

At the airport: Tel : +30 2310 473212, 2310 473312, 2310 985177, 2310 985188, Fax: +30 2310 475555, Operating hours: 07:30 - 24:00.
For additional tourist information, please consult the official Greek National Tourist Organization website at

Transportation to/from Capsis hotel

Route buses No. 2, 8, 10, 11, 14, 17 operate a regular service between the Thessaloniki city center (along Egnatia street) and Capsis hotel. Buses run every five minutes and the bus stop is located on Monastiriou street, in front of Capsis hotel (direction: from the city) and across from Capsis hotel (direction: to city center). The ticket price is 0,50 €. You may purchase bus tickets in advance at ticket kiosks or on the bus, using the automatic vending machines. In this case, the ticket costs 0,60 €.

For more information concerning Thessaloniki public transportation services, please visit the official public transportation services website at

Conference Lunch Services

Light lunch and refreshments will be available on the designated dates and at the designated times in the Mezzanine area (please consult the conference program for information on the days and times). Also, conference attendees will receive vouchers (each voucher is valid for one person only) which they can use in the student catering services.

Computer access/photocopying

In the Business Office (ground floor of Capsis hotel), there are 2 computers, 1 scanner, 2 printers (inkjet and laser). Internet access is also available. There, you can check your email and print a document. Please, note that these are facilities to be used upon charge. You may also wish to access your email at one of the internet cafes near the hotel. For alternative computer facilities, you may ask one of the conference volunteers, or at your hotel.

Emergency and small-scale photocopying needs should be addressed to the secretariat or the student volunteers, who can help you make copies. In case of larger copying needs, please use the facilities of photocopying stores located near Capsis hotel. Note that stores are closed on Sundays.

Banking facilities

There is an ATM machine near the main entrance of Capsis hotel. There are several more ATMs located throughout the length of Egnatia street, just off Monastiriou street, which connects Capsis hotel with the downtown shopping area.

Book Exhibit

The local-based bookstore “Konstandinides” will be offering a selection of book titles, which will be on display throughout the conference, ON SATURDAY ONLY. For more information, please consult the relevant book list in your conference bag. For more information as regards HELAAS publications, please visit the HELAAS publications exhibit area, adjacent to the registration desk.

Thessaloniki City Tour

A travel agent representative from Paladjian Tours will be picking up those conference participants who have registered for the Thessaloniki city tour from Capsis hotel. The bus will take the participants back to the hotel upon the end of the city tour. The tour will include a visit to the St. Demetrius basilica and the Crypt, and a visit to the Archaeological Museum. Also, the bus will stop over at the Byzantine Walls area for those who wish to take photographs and enjoy the city view. The bus will drive conference participants around the city, and during the tour the important city landmarks will be identified (eg. Galerius’ Arch, Rotonda etc.).