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Date: 14/2/2018  From: School Office
Title: MA scholarships for non-UE citizens at the University of Verona

The Department 'Culture e Civiltà' of the University of Verona invites applications to THREE fully funded studentships for the Master's Course in Linguistics (academic year 2018/19).

Details regarding the Master’s program in Linguistics can be found at:



Eligible candidates are non-EU citizens:

1. who do not live in Italy;

2. who hold: a (foreign) Bachelor Degree in the field of Humanities or other field requiring a basic training in Linguistics; an English Certificate (B1 level as minimum, or equivalent).


The total sum made available by the University for each studentship is €9,000 per year, covering both maintenance and tuition fees.

More details about preadmission to the Course and studentships can be found in the Call:


How to apply:

In order to ensure full consideration for funding, applications (including all supporting documents) need to be received by 10 April 2018. The application is entirely online (direct link to the application form for preadmission and scholarship):


—> Application Deadline for the scholarships: 10-04-2018

—> Pre-admission Deadline: 04-06-2018

 For further information about preadmission and scholarships, please, write to:

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