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Date: 31/1/2018  From: School Office
Title: Lit6-472, Shakespeare: Film adaptations (Revised course description)

Lit6-472, Shakespeare: Film adaptations (Revised course description)

Although Shakespeare’s plays were originally written for the theatre, many of them have been successfully adapted for the cinema in modern times. The course of a play from its early modern poetic form to the large (or small) screen is not simply a matter of “transfer” as it is commonly thought. In moving from one narrative medium to another, the Shakespearean play undergoes a process of adaptation or re-production, the end product of which involves much more than matters of “fidelity” to the original. Questions of re-interpretation and appropriation are now deemed especially important. This course will pay attention to the particularities of the Shakespearean text and the conditions in which it was originally produced. However, it will not necessarily privilege the written text. Accordingly, the purpose of this course is two-fold: (a) to identify certain key features in selected Shakespearean plays and (b) to explore the process of adaptation from page to screen with special attention to the way in which the visual image affects the interpretation of specific scenes and of the whole play. The plays that will be discussed and viewed are: Hamlet, Othello, The Merchant of Venice, and Henry V.   

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