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Programme structure and theme

The content of this MA Programme is thematically organized. The current umbrella-theme is Re-presentations of Resistance, where “resistance” is assumed to have a variety of forms and meanings. This thematic approach means practically that the students are exposed to a wide spectrum of materials (literary and other) from diverse historical periods and different Anglophone cultures. The Programme’s approach to literature and culture is interdisciplinary, covering areas such as literary criticism, cultural studies (film, theatre, media) and digital humanities.


The structure of the programme is designed on the basis of a four-semester curriculum, which involves six seminar-type taught courses and a final dissertation.

First semester: in the two seminar courses of the first semester students are introduced to research methodologies and theoretical approaches to cultural products.

Second and third semesters: in each of these semesters students are enrolled in two specialized seminar courses (to be determined by the Programme coordinators).

Fourth semester: in this final semester students write a dissertation of 20,000-25,000 words. They are encouraged to select topics which have stimulated their interest during the programme.


Course assessment

Assessment is on the basis of coursework, which includes research essays and class presentations.